Never forget.

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I still can’t get over how perfect everything is. 


I’m so happy with Gary Ross. He’s done everything and more than I expected with this movie so far.

I can’t wait for March 23. It’s going to be brilliant.


That’s it. Favourite person award goes to Raptorific.

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"That’s one of the fun things about it; there are times when you’re viscerally inside Jen’s shoes, and that’s the main experience … and there are other times when you’re witnessing her the way they’re witnessing her in the Game—and she’s constantly being watched, which is one of the things that makes the book so compelling. So yeah, we do shift perspective, although I will say it’s mainly an intense first-person experience, inside Katniss’ shoes."
-  Gary Ross, Director of The Hunger Games (via peenisseverlark)

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Alright guys here is my full experience from The Hunger Games set! 


Note: I will not be giving specific details about the set or costumes. Nothing spoilery for fear that I could probably get shot by someone from Lionsgate. I feel like they’re watching every extras moves lol.

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"As everyone knows, Gale is an enormous part of Katniss’ life, but he’s not as big a part of the first book as he is the subsequent books,” the director told us. “I think he’s very, very present and he’s tremendously important, but of course we shift into the Capitol and then the arena, where Peeta ends up playing a more prominent role. But he’s in her head, he’s in her life, he’s something that echoes with her throughout the games, as any reader of the book knows, so he plays an obviously prominent role."
-  Gary Ross, on Gale’s voiceover  (via maytheodds)